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A launch and recovery system (L.A.R.S.) is often used on a ship during the execution of offshore activities, such as launching and retrieving a diving cage. When these tasks are being carried out, these activities must run smoothly. Before a launch and recovery system can be used, it is thoroughly tested, to make sure that the system does what it promises in any given situation.


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A launch and recovery system to perform various diving activities

Qceas acts as an offshore contractor for companies in the civil and maritime sector, that run projects that involve underwater works. In our practice, we often make use of a launch and recovery system, since there are a lot of diving activities where such a system can come in handy: from detecting an NGE underwater to carrying out an offshore salvage. Our team of professional divers have the skills and knowledge that are necessary to work with underwater systems, such as a launch and recovery system, a thermal lance or a decompression tank.

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