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Qceas works in the civil and maritime diving industry

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Equipment, Skills and Experiences

We are contractors of projects in the maritime and civil sector where diving work is inevitable. This includes the supply and installation of bridges, lock gates and the manufacturing of underwater excavation pits for tunnels, parking garages and bridge pillars.

Qceas is particularly specialized in the anchoring of floating objects and submerged objects placed on the river or seabed. It has developed a patented alternative for the placement of objects on the soil. This method serves various purposes, such as anchoring FPSO’s and both temporary and permanently mooring points for ships. Qceas has the ability to drill/pierce very accurately. Depending on the forces that a mooring must be able to bear, Qceas can construct a mooring point with a single holding strength up to 300T each. The moorings can be applied to almost all soil conditions.


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Qceas has the capabilities to turnkey an excavation (or cofferdam), which includes all preparation leading to a dry excavated site as a result. Preparation work consists of placing sheet piling or diaphragm walls or piles walls, excavating of the construction, installing the pile foundations and disposal of underwater concrete.