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A decompression tank is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of decompression sickness. Symptoms of this can occur when divers rise to the surface after they have been in deep water for a period of time. To avoid experiencing decompression sickness, divers must move slowly towards the surface and take regular decompression breaks. Otherwise, the risks of experiencing decompression sickness will be significantly increased.


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Preventing or treating decompression sickness with a decompression tank

With the use of a professional tank, any problems related to decompression can be avoided. This way, the diver is still able to swim back to the surface quickly, but after his return, he will be immediately placed in a tank with increased air pressure. Slowly but surely, the high air pressure reduces to normal air pressure. Qceas is a young, innovative diving company that rents out decompression tanks, along with other diving equipment. When we carry out underwater work, we always take these tanks with us, so we can work quickly and efficiently, without putting our divers at risk.

Rent a professional tank

Would you like to rent a tank, so you can prevent or treat decompression sickness? Or are you interested in gaining more information on our services in regard to underwater works? You can contact us by phoning +31 (0) 33 2100 111 or by sending an email to info@qceas.eu. We will gladly inform you about our services, our expertise and the previous projects we have completed.