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Qceas is a young and transparent commercial diving company that specialises in installing underwater concrete. We mainly act as a contractor for projects in maritime and civil industries, where diving work is essential. In any situation, we strive to deliver the best, cost-efficient solutions and offer high-quality services, tailored to the needs of our clients. Thanks to our many years of experience and extensive knowledge, we are the perfect partner to perform all kinds of underwater works.

Pouring underwater concrete for building underground structures

Underwater cement is used in the construction of underground structures. This includes parking garages, tunnels and other civil constructions. In a lot of projects in maritime and civil industries, the installation of water cement is required. Qceas specialises in all kinds of activities concerning the pouring of underwater concrete and can offer the right assistance. We take care of the purchasing of the underwater cement and the pumping of the concrete, as well as all of the preparations involved. In order to realise the construction, a construction pit must be installed in the ground, for instance.

One of our recent projects

Recently, underwater concrete was installed in FORUM Rotterdam in a deep construction pit: the elevator shaft for the truck lift. In this video, you can see how that works and you can see the way the divers of Qceas manage the application of the underwater concrete (Note: the video is in Dutch).

Hire a professional that specialises in working with underwater cement

Are you interested in how our diving company can be of service to you? Please, contact us by phoning +31 (0) 33 2100 111 or by sending an email to info@qceas.eu. We will gladly inform you of our services that involve working with underwater cement.