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Qceas is a young and transparent diving company, that specialises in construction diving. If you are looking for innovative offshore diving companies that can take care of your underwater construction (or constructions), our team of professional divers will gladly be of service to you. In any situation, we strive to offer the best, effective and cost-efficient solutions and provide our clients with high-quality, customised services. Whether it involves a big project or a small enterprise: as one of the most prominent offshore diving companies in the Netherlands, we can help you with all kinds of proceedings in regard to your water construction or constructions.


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Construction diving: inspecting and/or repairing underwater constructions

Cooperating with offshore diving companies, is an excellent idea when you want your existing underwater construction – or constructions – to be inspected and repaired, in case of damage. But also, when you would like to outsource the building and installation of certain underwater constructions to a diving professional, working with offshore companies helps you to realise your desired construction. Thanks to our many years of experience and our broad expertise in the area of underwater work, you can count on our professional divers for carrying out all kinds of activities in a thorough and safe manner. For instance, we can provide you with a complete construction pit or install water concrete.

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If you are looking to work with offshore diving companies, that can inspect and/or repair your underwater constructions, Qceas is the company that you should get in touch with. You can contact us by phoning +31 (0) 33 2100 111 or by sending an email to info@qceas.eu. We will gladly answer all of your questions in regard to our diving company, the services we offer and provide you with all the information that you need.