Tata Steel IJmuiden

Whether it’s a building pit outdoor or indoor, Qceas can dive, deliver and pour underwater-concrete. Tata Steel IJmuiden is now proud owner of 3 underwater-concrete floors.

Some photos:


Tunnel Eemsgolaan Groningen

Work on the future junction Peizerweg – Eemsgolaan Groningen. For this project Qceas has delivered, pumped and applied the underwater concrete for the whole tunnel. In total it was 2150m3 of underwater concrete. Prior to this work, Qceas cleaned the bottom of the excavation to remove the excess sludge, the anchoring elements were prepared and the sheet pile is cleaned at the height of the under water concrete.

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The Blue Vein Tilburg

A flooded Street after heavy rainfall. In the summer of 2014 it was still happening in Tilburg City. With the construction of ‘the blue vein’ that is going to change. In order to address water pollution caused by heavy downpours, the municipality addressed some spots in Tilburg called the blue veins. A blue vein is an additional drains for the drainage of excess rainwater. These veins are an extensive system of underground pipes meant to get rid of excessive water. In this case it concerns a route of no less than 3.2 km in length. Through a closed front bore the main contractor drills this vein. At the height of the Hasselt roundabout Qceas carried out the preparatory diving activities and the underwater concrete. From this place drilling for the blue veins has started. The underground hole for the new sewer will run until the junction with the Kwaadeindstraat. If all goes well, it takes drilling until August 2016. At the end of the line, at the junction of the Middle Brabantweg with the Burgemeester Bechtweg eventually comes a new terminal pumping station.

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Tunnel Zevenaar – Doetinchem

Qceas has recently completed a project to place an underwater frame to secure the building pit. The activities included the welding of consoles underwater for support of the rafters. Then the purlins are mounted on these consoles. This construction is carried out on both sides of the building pit. In the end 2 jacks between the purlins are placed which then were fixed with cement. All these constructions are carried out by Qceas under water without any visibility!

Some photos:


Construction SC Oevel (Belgium)

Projects abroad aren’t a problem at all for Qceas. This time we poured under water concrete in Belgium. Everything arranged by Qceas herself.



Aqueduct Drachtsterweg Leeuwarden section 8, 9 and 10

Commissioned by Heijmans, Qceas has carried out the follow up of the diving activities for the aqueduct Drachtsterweg Leeuwarden section 8,9 and 10. The preparatory work included: the under water cleaning and preparing of the anchors and sheet piles. In the end we carried out the under water concrete (2500 m3).

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N23 – Westfrisiaweg – Construction 01 Heerhugowaard

The kick off of 2016! The first underwater concrete m3 are poured. This honor, about 1800m3, is given to a project from Heijmans; N23 – Westfrisiaweg. Qceas did all preparatory diving works for the concrete pour followed by the under water concrete pour in the end as well. Everything is carried out in cooperation with MvO.

Some photos:

IMG_20151112_131307 (4)

Dry dock Oss

In cooperation with Colijn and MvO, Qceas has, in less than 3 weeks time, completed the excavation and underwater concrete floor for a dry dock of more than 1600m3.

Some photos:


Westelijke Spoorzone Ede

Commissioned by Bonneveld, Qceas has carried out the preparatory diving works and the under water concrete for the project Westelijke Spoorzone Ede. In total there were 5 construction pits with a total of 3050m3 under water concrete.

Some photos:


Tunnel Kasteelherenlaan Helmond

Commissioned by Colijn, Qceas has carried out the diving and under water works for the tunnel Kasteelherenlaan Helmond. In total we poured 2555 m3 of under water concrete. Prior to that we did the preparatory diving activities, such as cleaning gewi-anchors and sheet piles and cleaning up the bottom from sludge.

Some photos: