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Underwater welding is not something that you can easily do yourself. It is a difficult task with various risks. When you want to carry out underwater welding, it is also necessary that can dive, for instance. There are plenty of reasons, among those stated before, why you should count on the expertise of a professional offshore welder to perform certain procedures. Luckily, Qceas is a well-experienced offshore welder, that has been a part of many projects in the maritime and civil sector. In any given situation, we strive to provide the best and most cost-efficient solution and offer high-quality services – regardless the size of the project.


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Underwater welding, carried out by a dive professional

In general, underwater welding is a lot more difficult to perform than regular welding, partly because it requires the worker to dive – and most employees are neither skilled nor qualified to dive. To make sure that the offshore welder can carry out his tasks – and weld various objects – in a safe and thorough manner, he must be well trained. The welding itself can be done underwater or in a gas-filled room, by a competent dive expert. But, even if you hire a professional offshore welder, there are a number of risks involved in welding underwater. For example, when the water is cloudy, the visibility is reduced and it will be harder to have clear sight. Also, the low temperature can be an obstacle. Therefore, strong protection is essential for an underwater welder. If the diver is not properly protected, there is a risk of him receiving an electric shock.

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Qceas is a professional offshore welder, that specialises in underwater works, such as repair and inspection services. Also, when it comes to activities that involve the use of a thermal lance, we are the ideal partner. Would you like to discover how we can be of service to your company? Or do you have any specific questions about our offshore diving company? Please, contact us by phoning +31 (0) 33 2100 111 or by sending an email to info@qceas.eu.