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  • Certified, skilled divers
  • Experts in marine and civil diving
  • Specialised in underwater works

Qceas is a young and innovative diving company, that specialises in industrial diving. Throughout the years, we have built up a lot of experience and have assisted many companies in the maritime and civil industry in successfully completing their projects. Whether it involves a small project or a big proceeding: at any time, we strive to offer tailored, high-quality services and deliver effective, cost-efficient solutions to our clients.


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A diving company that specialises in industrial diving

We have a lot of experience in the area of supplying and installing bridges and lock gates, and manufacturing underwater excavation pits for tunnels, parking garages and bridge pillars. Our team consists of qualified diving experts, that specialise in industrial diving and know how to operate in a safe, thorough manner. What kind of underwater works does your project require? As an expert in hydraulic engineering, we can offer you the best of services.

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Qceas is a well-established, commercial diving company that is very skilled when it comes to performing activities that involve industrial diving. Would you like to know more about our services or our company in general? Send an email to info@qceas.eu or phone +31 (0) 33 2100 111 to learn more.