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Equipment Qceas

DO YOU KNOW THAT: - Besides diving we've got a brand-new rental department. - There are two IMCA compliant offshore spreads ready to go. - We can deliver a decompression tank for diving in depths below 15mtrs. - We've got all kinds of tools and knowledge to assist you with all your underwater works. Contact [...]

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Recovery of the fishing vessel Hel – 103

Due to an unforeseen circumstance, the fishing vessel Hel - 103 sunk last year to a depth of 65m nearby the coast of Gdansk - Poland. In May 2019 Qceas was contracted for the recovery of the vessel. Hard work pays off. Yesterday the Hel - 103 sailed back to the harbour accompanied by her [...]

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Under water concrete pour Watermolenbeek Roosendaal (NL)

Yesterday the first part of the Watermolenbeek was poured (part 6 to part 9). The special thing about this concrete pour is that the underwater concrete had to be pumped over water. The borders of the residents' gardens are right next to the workplace so there is no places for us available to work from [...]

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Installing underwater concrete with Qceas

Recently, underwater concrete was installed in FORUM Rotterdam in a deep construction pit: the elevator shaft for the truck lift. In this video you can see how that works and you can see the way the divers of Qceas manage the application of the underwater concrete (Note; video is in Dutch). https://youtu.be/MTCAMYtusNY  

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Mobilization Watermolenbeek Roosendaal (NL)

The preparations for the Watermolenbeek are in full swing. Mobilization has taken place, the first UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) studies have been set up, in short, in the summer of 2018 Qceas is busy! The part of the Watermolenbeek which Qceas has assigned to concerns all underwater activities such as placing the underwater reinforcement for the [...]

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